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This was begun in November of 2010, figuring I have as much right to contaminate the blogosphere as the next guy. The site is pretty basic right now, but I'll get it spruced up in a bit.

Here's a picture of someone who looks just like me. It was taken not too long ago on a lovely fall day in Philadelphia. I actually live in New City1, New York, I just happened to be visiting the City of Brotherly Love and my daughter snapped this pic with the Schuylkill River in the background. Fortunately, you can't see all the garbage that was floating in the river that day after a big rainstorm. I am a citizen of the USA, the cap (which was picked up this summer on a trip to Toronto) notwithstanding.

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Please note that, unless otherwise stated, all photographs on this site, including the blogs, were taken by me, and are Copyright 2010 by Paul Neary.

1No, I didn't skip a word, it's New City (Rockland County), not New York City.