This is Paul Neary’s hiking blog.  I live in New City, New York, which is in Rockland County.  I was born in Yonkers, NY, and except for a year in California (which was great), I have lived my entire life within the borders of the Empire State.  I’ve traveled to many places around this country, Canada, and Europe, and loved all of them, and I can confidently say that New York State can always hold its head high in terms of beautiful scenery, natural wonders, and variety.

I’ve been hiking since around 1996.  The first trail I ever hiked was a section of the Long Path, which runs from the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ, to just south of Albany, NY (John Boyd Thatcher SP).  In my case, the first hike was on a small section within Rockland, in what is known as High Tor SP.

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  1. Chris Madsen says:

    I am just finishing a novel and would like to include your picture of “view from Foxcroft of Lake Ramapo.” Ruth Alice was previously married to the father (Charles Halliwell) of my main characters wife. I spent 5 years rebuilding the main character’s 60′ yacht, and in the process have put back together the story of his life. If OK please let me know how to credit the photo.

    All the Best
    Chris Madsen

  2. Jonathan Beard says:

    Hi, Paul, I should have read your posting before we went, but I decided at the last moment to hike up the Flaggy Meadow Mountain road to the Red Cross Trail. We found the strange dark green lids that you did, and they took us right to the trail. Then the RC to the Menominee and up to the shelter, on the AT to unblazed Bockey Swamp trail to the RC and the Beech back to the road. I have hiked all those trails many times, but never started at the Flaggy MM road before.


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