Video Archive

Memorial Service

Jay’s memorial was held on Jan 11, 2009.  There were about 60 people or more who came.  Everyone who came spoke lovingly about how Jay had touched their lives.  Some of his closest friends and family spoke on camera and links to their testimonials are below, as well as the concluding short film.

Introduction and Prayer

Testimonial:  Janet Neary (sister)

Testimonial:  Chris Thomas (friend)

Testimonial:  Michael Sabatino (neighbor)

Testimonial:  John Conroy (friend)

Testimonial:  Walter Urtz and Rob Labato (friends)

Testimonial:  Chad Hunt (friend)

Film: In Memory of Uncle Jay

This short film was recorded and produced by Jay’s nephew and niece, Andrew and Emily Neary.  You can view it by clicking here.

Aunt Penne Remembers JJ

Although Aunt Penne Farrell was at the memorial service, she did not get the opportunity to record any memories of him, so Paul and Emily went down to DC in February of 2010 (right after the huge snowstorm that shut everything down) and interviewed her.  This 12 1/2 minute video recalls a lot of the family history as well as some neat anecdotes about Jay as a kid and an adult.  View it here.